Business-student engagement that makes sense.

We help businesses grow their talent pipeline & get projects done. And we help students find paid, relevant, & flexible work.

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Internships are great...

Businesses benefit

Gain cost-efficient labor

Build relationships with future employees

Students benefit

Gain real-world experience while earning money

Build relationships with future employers

...but it's difficult to do year-round.


Create internship outlines

Post on job boards

Sort resumes

Schedule & conduct interviews

Outline projects & expectations


Search job boards

Complete applications

Endure long recruiting cycles

Carve out flexibility during the year

Vet potential options

We believe there's a better way.

How Intask works

Outline flexible work

We help you create an outline for flexible student work. This can be an internship or a project ("Intask") that talented students would mostly complete remotely.

Browse & select talent

We send you anonymous profiles of students interested in the work, and you let us know which ones you'd like to engage.

Grow your talent pipeline & get projects done

We'll manage the completion of the Intask(s), or coordinate an interview for internships.

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Businesses pay when they want to vet a student. Students find relevant, paid work.

What are Intasks?

In short, student-business engagements that makes sense

We're working on a better way to vet and onboard students by integrating valuable, non-priority, paid projects ("Intasks") into the vetting process.



We believe having students complete project-based work can be a better way to vet a person than any interview.

Through Intasks, businesses and students test their relationship befor committingng to something bigger, while both parties still receive the benefits of traditional internships.

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